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Private Sale

Price on Application


Rural Property & Livestock is pleased to offer "Melrose" aggregation for the first time in 148 years. 180,426 ac in total with a good balance of shaded and open downs, creek country, gidyea and the added safety of mulga reserves. "Melrose" offers tremendous diversity and security for the discerning cattleman.

Area & Capacity


Melrose: 11,957Ha or 29,533Ac   Freehold

Werite: 19,500Ha or 48,165Ac   Leasehold

Highfields/Yandilla: 41,590Ha or 102,727Ac Leasehold 

 Total: 73,047Ha or 180,426 Ac

Carrying Capacity

Melrose has consistently run 1500 breeders  plus 2000 weaners from Tonkoro.

Also at times 8-10,000 sheep.

Location & Services


130km west of the town of Longreach.




STD Phone, internet, Longreach School of Distance education, state and private primary school Longreach, Longreach Base Hospital, two supermarkets.


Melrose is predominately open Mitchell grass downs, with normal annuals such as pig weed, button grass, flinders, grow’s excellent herbages in winter rain events, moving into the Gidyea and Mulga ridge country which will grow native grass species, buffel in water courses and normal herbages such as gidyea burr and other salines in season. Highfields, Gidyea Mulga which a large area is pulled approx. 25,000AC. Creek systems include Maneroo Ck and Katherine Ck channels. Yandilla majority open undulating downs country running back to Mulga and Gidyea ridge country. Werite is Mulga tableland.

Approximately 60,000Ac of downs, 60,000Ac of Gidyea Country mostly developed, 60,000Ac of Mulga.


Watered by 26 Dams, house dam equipped and 3 sub-artesian bores.

Extensive trough, tank and pipeline improvements in the last few years.


All good condition, large set steel yards at house with shaded weigh/vet crush, shaded calf branding, good load out facilities, weaner preparation with laneways extending to the southern properties part of the aggregation. Steel cattle yards at Highfields all connected by laneway back to the house. First class 10 stand shearing shed with sheep cover, half the sheep yards are cemented. Several Holding paddocks.

Structural Improvements

Large 7 Bedroom homestead with large living area, all air-conditioned with separate staff kitchen, 2 sets of quarters, two self-contained married quarters, set in large garden, three large sheds with aircraft and helicopter hangar, numerous other buildings and machinery sheds.

Agents Comments

The Melrose Aggregation offers tremendous diversity and security for the discerning cattleman. A good balance of shaded and open downs, creek country, gidyea and the added safety of mulga reserves. Would suit breeding, backgrounding as a stand alone operation or as a depot for the larger breeding operation.

Wally Cooper



Inspections of the Property are by appointment only and are

to be conducted under the supervision of the selling agents. Interested parties should contact the selling agents to arrange an inspection.


A copy of the private sale documents for the Property is available from the selling agents on request. Refer to the documents for the terms and conditions of this sale.


Foreign investors will be required to have regard to the Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Act 1975 (C’wealth) and the policies concerning foreign investments in Australia of both the Federal and Queensland governments.


The Vendor may, in their absolute discretion, but without being under any obligation to do so, update or supplement this Information Memorandum. Any further information will be provided subject to the terms and conditions set out in this Information Memorandum.


Interested parties should make their own assessment of the impact of GST on the Property and the returns derived from them after obtaining expert professional advice.

The information in this Information Memorandum and any other written or verbal information given in respect of the Property and / or livestock referred to in this Information Memorandum (“the Information”) is provided to you (“the Recipient”) on the following conditions:

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The Information does not purport to contain all of the details which the Recipient would require to make a decision to express an interest in or make an offer to purchase the Property. Recipients should seek independent legal and financial advice. 

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To the extent that any of the above paragraphs may be construed as being a contravention of any law of the State or the Commonwealth, such paragraphs should be read down, severed or both as the case may require and the remaining paragraphs shall continue to have full force and effect.

This disclaimer is in addition to the contract of sale and survives execution of the contract of sale.