Depot Glen


Private Sale

Price on Application


Rural Property & Livestock is pleased to offer "Depot Glen" for sale for the first time in 38 years. Located 12 kms from Stonehenge Depot Glen offers approx. 70% Thomson River flood out country, an excellent set of steel yards and a beautiful 4 bedroom homestead.

Area & Tenure


21,793ac GHPL

9000ac stockroute

Location & Services


12km to Stonehenge via unsealed roa

143km to Longreach via Thomson Development Rd




240v rural power, internet & phone

Primary school in Stonehenge

Longreach School of Distance Education to Year 10

Longreach State School to Year 12

Health facilities in Stonehenge (RFDS)

Base hospital in Longreach


Depot Glen has a mix of approximately 70% Thomson River flood out country (23KM frontage)which is fed by several local creeks as well and will back up from a flood in Vergemont creek. This country will grow a number of highly palatable species which include Bluebush and Lignum with several native grasses and herbages such as potato vine, pigweed, flinders grass and channel sorghum. Rain in autumn will bring up Cooper Clover. The balance is semi timbered Gidgyea, Whitewood, Boree with areas of Mitchell grass downs and buffel grass on sandy, red ridges.


Two large dams ranging from 30,000 – 50,000 yards excellently maintained and recently cleaned out. Numerous permanent waterholes along the Thomson River.


Fencing is in good condition and is a mix of 2 barb, 3 plain construction.

Excellent set of steel cattle yards, bugle shape design with vet crush and calf branding facilities to handle 500 head. These yards have been designed to be easily worked with only two people.


Three stable complex incorporating tack room and feed shed. There are 3 day yards leading to 3 horse paddocks. There is also a 70 X 30 sand arena for working horses.

Structural Improvements

Solid timber four-bedroom, Air-conditioned homestead with two toilets and one bathroom. The homestead has been recently re- stumped with the large kitchen and lounge room renovated and new flooring installed.


Outside single building, lined and sealed with air-conditioning, presently used as a sewing room but could be utilized as an extra bedroom.


Internal cold room.

The homestead is complimented by established gardens including a fruit tree orchard.

Workshop and car shed; large machinery shed; hay shed; associated and ancillary buildings.

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Depot Glen




Private Sale

Price on Application

Wally Cooper
0427 781 054



Inspections of the Property are by appointment only and are

to be conducted under the supervision of the selling agents. Interested parties should contact the selling agents to arrange an inspection.


A copy of the private sale documents for the Property is available from the selling agents on request. Refer to the documents for the terms and conditions of this sale.


Foreign investors will be required to have regard to the Foreign Acquisitions and Takeovers Act 1975 (C’wealth) and the policies concerning foreign investments in Australia of both the Federal and Queensland governments.


The Vendor may, in their absolute discretion, but without being under any obligation to do so, update or supplement this Information Memorandum. Any further information will be provided subject to the terms and conditions set out in this Information Memorandum.


Interested parties should make their own assessment of the impact of GST on the Property and the returns derived from them after obtaining expert professional advice.

The information in this Information Memorandum and any other written or verbal information given in respect of the Property and / or livestock referred to in this Information Memorandum (“the Information”) is provided to you (“the Recipient”) on the following conditions:

The Property is sold on an “as is/where is” basis (that is, in its present condition and subject to all legal and physical defects). 

No assurance, representation, warranty or guarantee (express or implied) is given by Rural Property and Livestock Pty Ltd or any of their respective officers, partners, employees or consultants (collectively referred to as “the Parties”) or any other person or entity that the Information, whether or not in writing, is complete, accurate or balanced, or has or will be audited or independently verified, or that reasonable care has been or will be taken in compiling, preparing and furnishing the Information. 

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The Information does not purport to contain all of the details which the Recipient would require to make a decision to express an interest in or make an offer to purchase the Property. Recipients should seek independent legal and financial advice. 

None of the Parties make any representations or warranties with respect to fixtures, fittings, plant and equipment on the Property. 

None of the Parties make any representations or warranties with respect to the continuation or enforceability of any 
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Recipients will be responsible for meeting its own costs of participating in the sale process for the Property. The Parties shall not be liable to compensate a Recipient for any costs or expenses incurred in reviewing, investigating or analysing any Information, whether that Information is contained in this Information Memorandum or otherwise.

None of the Parties are liable to compensate or reimburse a Recipient for any liabilities, costs or expenses incurred in connection with the sale of the Property.

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To the extent that any of the above paragraphs may be construed as being a contravention of any law of the State or the Commonwealth, such paragraphs should be read down, severed or both as the case may require and the remaining paragraphs shall continue to have full force and effect.

This disclaimer is in addition to the contract of sale and survives execution of the contract of sale.