Juandah Plains



“Juandah Plains” has had an extensive development plan with the current owners since 1978 and this reflects in the quality of the improvements and ancilliary infrastructure. This country has a proven track record of putting kg’s on cattle and would be a excellent addition to the astute cattlemans portfolio.



5332 hectares (GHPL) 13170 acres

Carrying Capacity

Historically run a conservative 2000 plus followers or 2700 backgrounders in all seasons with the ability to increase numbers in favorable seasons. Currently the property is very lightly stocked with agistment.


A mix of land and soil types, including brigalow, box, open forest and softwood scrub. This supports a combination of improved pastures including silk sorghum, wynn cassia, buffel, medics, stylos, burgundy bean, bisset creeping blue grass, premier digiteria and desmanthus. Previously had 770 hectares or 1900 acres under cultivation.


Stock water via two electric bores, plus frontage to Bungaban Creek and numerous turkeys nests and troughs located throughout the place.

20 paddocks leading into a laneway network with smaller holding paddocks near the stockyards and homestead.

Very decent set of steel stockyards,  7 way draft, shaded and concreted work area over RPM air hydro crush, calf cradle, steel loading ramp and overhead sprinkler system. 


Modern homestead with 5 bedrooms, workers cottage, steel frame machinery shed and workshop, the attached grain shed has a full concrete floor with a 1200 tonne capacity and access to drive a road train through it.

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